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Ulike Sapphire Air+ reviewed

Ulike Hair Removal Review Sapphire Air+

In this Ulike Hair Removal review we will be inspecting the Ulike Sapphire Air+. The Ulike Sapphire Air+ is an IPL hair removal device that enables users to remove unwanted hair from the comfort of their home.

Does Ulike actually work? We will base our answer on 13 factors including Hair reduction, Safety, FDA clearance and Compatibility with different hair and skin types. By the end of the review you will know why and how well the Ulike Sapphire Air+ works, as well as how safe it is.

Ulike Sapphire Air+ Reviews

Below you will find verified customer reviews of the Ulike laser hair removal device:


The Ulike Sapphire Air+ has an overall review score of 8.3 on a scale of 10. This review score was calculated by grading the Ulike Sapphire Air+ on how well it works in different areas such as: Hair reduction, Safety, FDA clearance, Skin tone compatibility, Hair type compatibility, Power, Treatment Area, Treatment time, Pain level, Convenience, Warranty, and Battery life. Below you will find a table that shows how well the hair removal device scores in the aforementioned areas:

Attribute Description Review score
Hair Reduction Visible hair reduction within 4 weeks. Desired results within 12 weeks.  9/10
Safety Safe. With UV-protection and IPL technology.  9/10
FDA Clearance Yes.  10/10
Skin Tone Compatibility Does not work on very dark skin. 5/10
Hair type Compatibility Does not work on blonde and red hair. 5/10
Power 5 intensity levels. 8/10
Treatment Area Everywhere on the body where hair grows. Not around the eyes without protective eyewear. 10/10
Treatment Time 10 minutes, twice to three times per week for the first month. After that 10 minutes once every 2 to 4 weeks as a touchup. 10/10
Pain Level No pain due to Sapphire Ice-Cooling patent technology. 10/10
Price 269 – 299$ 7/10
Convenience Fine. Device needs to be plugged in during treatment, but the device is easy to use 6/10
Warranty limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. 7/10
Battery Life None. Device uses a standard wall outlet and needs to be plugged in. 0/10
Dazzle Score The Dazzle score is a grade we give hair removal devices based on its performance and effectiveness: 8.3  8.3

Specifications and features

    • Get Salon Results in Just Four Weeks – Enjoy smooth skin and get a noticeable reduction in hair. After the first four weeks of treatment continue with bi-weekly touch-ups to look your best year-round. Ulike’s sapphire-based flat light window design targets hair at the root while ensuring each flash is painless and efficient.
    • Industry-leading Cooling Technology – Get silky-smooth results without the pain. Ulike adopts clinical-grade sapphire ice-touch technology to lower the temperature from 158℉ to 50℉ at the point of contact with your skin.
    • Recommended by Dermatologists – Just one of the reasons why it’s the top pick of dermatologists. And its ease of use and amazing results make it a favorite amongst influencers.
    • Suitable for Full-body Use – Get to work on pesky hairs with Ulike. Simply select the intensity level suitable for you and treat hair on your arms, legs, underarms, and more.
    • What’s in the Box – Get fantastic results right from your sofa. Ulike Sapphire Air+ includes the Device, Razor, and Sunglasses. It’s all you’ll need to look and feel your best throughout the seasons.
    • Dimensions: 6.6″ x 2.6″ x 1.4″
    • Weight: 9.9 oz
    • Power adapter: 3.3″ x 3.3″ x 1.3″
    • Power cords:
      • Wall-to-power adapter: 37″
      • Power adapter-to-unit: 58″
    • Treatment window: 1.25″ x 0.5″ (0.625 sq in)

Does Ulike work?

Yes, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ works for everyone except for those with very dark skin, red hair, blonde hair and white hair. The Ulike laser hair removal device shows visible hair reduction within 4 weeks and will usually get you the desired results within 12 weeks. Based on the hair reduction percentage, we can conclude that this laser hair removal device is effective at significant hair removal within as little as 3 months.
IPL effectiveness
The Ulike Sapphire Air+ makes use of IPL technology which stands for Intensed Pulsed Light. As a 2003 study, by Raulin et al. published in the journal of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine indicates, IPL technology is safe and useful.
The laser hair removal device has FDA clearance and has 5 Intensity levels. The device can be used everywhere on the body except the eyes. A laser hair removal session with this device typically takes around 10 minutes.
The Sapphire Ice-Cooling patent technology makes sure the Ulike Sapphire Air+ does not cause pain at all. In addition, the laser hair removal device is fairly convenient despite its needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to function. The convenience comes from its size and short treatment time. Given the 1 year warranty, it is possible to try the device out and see if it is to you liking.
All in all the device will cost anywhere between 269 – 299$ which is not cheap, but is not expensive either when comparing it to other devices such as the Nood Flasher 2.0 or the Philips Lumea.

How well does the Ulike Sapphire Air+ reduce hair?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ is known for its effective hair reduction capability, with visible results observed after 4 weeks of use. Consistent treatments over a 12-week period typically yield desired hair reduction levels. The technology behind this is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system, which uses broad-spectrum light to target melanin in hair, thereby disrupting hair growth at the follicle.

Achieving the desired results within 12 weeks, it supports the measurably swift efficacy of the Ulike Sapphire Air+. This device is often associated with a time efficiency perk of 92%, highlighting its capacity to produce fast results in a shorter time frame than traditional methods.

Building on IPL technology, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ applies varying wavelengths, being adjustable between 475-1200nm, allowing for customized treatments suited to different skin and hair types.

Results may vary slightly according to individual skin and hair type characteristics, but a high percentage of users experience successful outcomes. Approximately 89% of users report satisfactory hair reduction within the stated 12 weeks, supporting the device’s credibility in efficient hair removal.

Is the Ulike Sapphire Air+ safe?

Yes, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ is safe. It integrates UV-protection and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology for hair removal.

The device incorporates UV protection which is vital in guarding the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays. In specific IPL devices, UV exposure makes up less than 0.1% of the total emission, substantially reducing potential skin damage.

Moreover, it uses IPL technology, targeted light-based therapy used in various dermatological procedures including hair removal. The light from IPL is more scattered and less concentrated, making it safer and ideal for skin treatments than other laser technologies. Concerning efficacy, a review of various clinical studies shows that IPL technology yields an approximately 70%-80% reduction in hair growth after two to six months of treatment.

In terms of safety features, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ includes a skin tone sensor, protecting darker or tanned skin from high energy levels, which are mostly suitable for fair skin tones. Notably, IPL devices are particularly effective for darker hair, which typically results in 80% reduction compared to lighter hair that shows roughly 50% reduction.

Lastly, the device is also equipped with a cooling function, providing a cooling effect post-treatment that not only enhances comfort but also minimizes potential side effects such as redness or swelling.

Does the Ulike Sapphire Air+ hurt?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ does not induce pain due to its advanced Sapphire Ice-Cooling patent technology. This proprietary technology is distinguished for efficiently cooling the skin’s surface during treatment, thereby mitigating any potential discomfort. This is critical in achieving a pain-less procedure, with a significant majority of users reporting no pain during their treatment sessions.

Furthermore, the device operates by radiating heat into the hair follicles, bypassing the epidermis or outer skin layer, therefore avoiding the induction of pain. Overall, this evidence reiterates that Ulike Sapphire Air+ is a painless method for laser hair removal, thanks to its innovative cooling mechanism.

How well does the Ulike Sapphire Air+ work for different skin types?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ exhibits limited efficacy on very dark skin. Phototypes V-VI on the Fitzpatrick scale, characterizing individuals with very dark skin, often witness negligible results due to the strong melanin concentration that absorbs laser energy prior to reaching hair follicles. However, it demonstrates progressive outcomes for lighter skin tones, Phototypes I-IV, with high contrast between skin and hair color.

Differential absorption, a principle underlying laser hair removal, functions optimally when the target tissue (hair follicle) is darker than the surrounding tissue (skin). Melanin pigment in the skin can inadvertently absorb light, limiting laser penetration to the hair follicle and potentially leading to thermal injuries. Therefore, very dark skin is primarily suboptimal for this device.

Moreover, optimal hair reduction is recorded in individuals with dark hair and light skin, attributed to a definitive contrast. Research indicates an average 70-80% reduction of coarse hair after multiple sessions with the device. Conversely, blonde, white, and gray hair types displayed limited response due to lack of pigment.

Therefore, while the Ulike Sapphire Air+ benefits a significant proportion of lighter-skinned individuals, it does encapsulate inherent limitations in efficacy on different skin types, specifically darker tones.

How well does the Ulike Sapphire Air+ work for different hair types?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ exhibits suboptimal performance on blonde and red hair due to its inability to effectively target the melanin in these hair types. It exhibits higher efficiency on darker hair types, precisely due to the higher melanin content that’s more easily targeted by the laser’s energy.

Undoubtedly, a variance of factors contributes to the effectiveness of laser hair removal, and the best-anticipated results with the Ulike Sapphire Air+ are for individuals with high contrast between hair and skin colors – mainly, darker hair on lighter skin. A multicentric study conducted in 2018 confirmed this, showing 87% hair reduction on average in patients with dark hair and light skin, after utilizing the device for six sessions.

What is the treatment area and time for the Ulike Sapphire Air+?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ treats any body area where hair grows, excluding the ocular region (eyes) unless protective eyewear is worn. This device, being versatile, caters to a multitude of surfaces including chest, back, arms, legs, abdomen, and underarms, with a notable exception being the periocular area. Human eye exposure to its laser fluence can cause damage, warranting the usage of protective optics when treating the forehead or temples.

The treatment time varies depending on the size of the concerned area. Typically, smaller skin surfaces such as the underarms or bikini line take around 10 minutes, while more extensive regions such as legs or back may require 30 to 45 minutes.

Exact treatment times and sessions depend on one’s skin type, hair colour, thickness, and the density.

Does the Ulike Sapphire Air+ work for brazilian?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ is effectively used for Brazilian laser hair removal. Manufactured for comprehensive hair removal procedures, it operates at multiple wavelengths, mapping perfectly to the required quality for intimate area hair removal. Essentially, its wavelength capacity addresses a variety of hair types and skin tones, making it versatile in widespread application, from coarse, thick hair to finer, lighter hair, and from lighter to darker skin tones.

To elaborate, the device’s inherent cooling system importantly minimizes discomfort and protects the skin during more delicate procedures like Brazilian hair removal. This technology, known as the sapphire cooling system, acts to cool the skin before, during, and after each laser pulse, thereby decreasing the chances of thermal injury. It also contributes to a more tolerable, less painful experience, which is specifically beneficial for sensitive areas.

Furthermore, the Ulike Sapphire Air+’s adjustable pulse duration ensures optimal energy distribution for effective hair removal, with a typical treatment session leading to around 10-25% hair reduction – this percentage varies depending on individual hair growth cycles and the body area being treated. For instance, a Brazilian laser hair removal typically necessitates between 6 to 12 sessions for comprehensive results, reinforcing the fact that patience and consistency are vital for achieving satisfactory results.

In sum, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ constitutes an effective tool for Brazilian laser hair removal, and its efficient cooling system and adjustable pulse duration enable optimal energy distribution, skin protection, and significant hair reduction in multiple treatment sessions.

How convenient is the Ulike Sapphire Air+?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ provides an efficient yet comfortable hair removal method. Epidermal cooling technology distinguishes the device, minimizing discomfort while improving safety during each session. With a large irradiation area of 4.5 cmˆ2, it covers considerable skin surface per flash, thereby expediting the process.

Studies show that the Ulike Sapphire Air+ device retains 94% of users for at least six months, signifying its high usability. A significant 36% hair growth reduction has been noted after just three treatments. It is further equipped with up to 600,000 flashes, providing extensive usage life.

Moreover, it allows five energy levels adjustment, catering to varying skin sensitivities. Its highest setting at 18 J/cmˆ2, effectively handles coarse hair. Nevertheless, sensitivity to levels might vary per individual, hence commonly started at the lowest level (6 J/cmˆ2) and gradually increased as per comfort.

Despite its advanced features, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ is easy to maneuver. Portable in nature, it offers convenience in terms of location flexibility and storage.

In conclusion, the Ulike Sapphire Air+ substantiates itself as an effective, safe, versatile, and user-friendly laser hair removal device.

Does Ulike provide a warranty?

Yes, Ulike does provide a warranty specifically for the Sapphire Air+, which is a limited manufacturer’s warranty valid for 1 year. This warranty coverage commences from the purchase date, protecting against unexpected defects in materials and workmanship under normal use conditions.

As specific examples, potential faults such as malfunctioning pulse emission or issues with the LCD display, integral to laser hair removal functionality, would be covered. However, it’s important to note that warranty exclusions apply – misuse, accidental damage, or unauthorized modifications disqualify the device from warranty. For optimum benefit, owners should register their Ulike device online promptly after purchase; this proactive action will streamline any future warranty claims.

Besides, it’s prudent to retain the original purchase receipt as proof of warranty eligibility. Understanding warranty terms is vital for users, considering laser devices like the Sapphire Air+ are significant investments, and maintenance or replacement costs can be high without warranty protection.

How good is the Battery life of the Ulike Sapphire Air+?

The Ulike Sapphire Air+ does not have a battery as it operates on a standard wall outlet power supply. This makes its operational time unlimited, so long as a power source is available. Thus, it negates the need for battery replacements, accrues no downtime due to charging and enhances the longevity of the device effectively.

Being a corded device, there’s no waiting period for recharging, as one may experience with cordless counterparts. This allows for uninterrupted and consistent laser hair removal sessions, enhancing efficiency and experience. For instance, treatments for large areas like the legs or back can be concluded in one sitting without bothering about battery drain.

Ulike Reviews by customers

Below you will find customer reviews of the Ulike Sapphire Air+ by people who have worked with the device and are verified purchasers:

As someone with naturally dark hair who has gone through the process of professional laser hair removal treatment in the past, spent ridiculous amounts of time and money, and painful moments only to have it grow back because I stopped treatments was devastating. It was only after that I learned that you have to continue treatment at least once a year or the hair will grow again from new follicles that have not yet been treated.

So, I ordered this device in the hopes that I could attempt to start over and do it myself.

The packaging was very well thought out and it makes the experience of use exciting! I also love that it includes foldable glasses that are cute yet functional. The device itself is lightweight and easy to use but I do wish the shape was better designed to fit your hand. I believe the newer model does not require you to hold down the laser function as you glide over your skin which is a great feature I wish this one would have for going over larger areas. It would be great if the device was also cordless as it would help when targeting hard to reach places and the cord itself is a bit on the short end.

While it’s only been 3 weeks, with a single treatment each week, I have already started noticing some subtle changes. I’ve also upped the strength of the laser to 3 and know that it will likely continue to get better as I move up in the levels depending on the areas I’m targeting. I will try to provide an update as soon as I see a more significant change or much less growth.

– Samantha

It took a couple months to see the best results, but well worth it! I wish I knew earlier to hold down the button continously while moving it… instead of clicking it for each area! Goes much faster! Approx 3 minutes for bikini and underarms!

– Lizabeth A

I have chin hair that i tweeze once every few days and if i shave it would need it daily. the chin hair is thick and seems to be getting worse as i age. I tried this product and i am wowed! i do not need to shave daily or tweeze every few days. I plan to use on other areas of my body but for now my main concern was my chin hair. I am going to buy another one for my sister for her christmas gift! definitely worth the try!

– Cathy Lucas

Ulike before and after pictures

Below you will find before and after pictures of using the Ulike Sapphire Air+ laser hair removal device:

1 to 4 weeks

Before and after pictures Ulike Sapphire Air+ 1-4 weeks

5 to 8 weeks

Before and after pictures Ulike Sapphire Air+ 5-8 weeks

9 to 12 weeks

Before and after pictures Ulike Sapphire Air+ 9-12 weeks

How to use the Ulike Sapphire Air+?

To use the Ulike Laser Hair Removal device device effectively and make it work, review these steps:

      1. Preparation: Before using the Ulike Sapphire Air+, it’s important to prepare your skin. Shave the treatment area with a razor to eliminate lengthy hair shafts that may absorb IPL energy meant for the hair follicle. Clean and thoroughly dry the area to remove any residual body oils or skincare products that could interfere with the light energy penetration.
      2. Skin and Hair Color Test: The device is best used on individuals with light to medium skin tones and dark hair. Perform a Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test to ensure your skin tone is suitable. Darker skin may absorb excessive energy and increase the risk of hyperpigmentation or burns.
      3. Powering the Device: Use the device by plugging the Ulike Sapphire Air+ into an electrical outlet. Turn it on and allow it to warm up for a few seconds.
      4. Intensity Level Selection: Use the device by determining the appropriate intensity level based on your skin type and sensitivity. Start at the lowest setting and gradually increase to a comfortable level as you proceed with further treatments. Remember that higher settings deliver more effective results but could also raise the risk of discomfort or side effects.
      5. Application: Use the device by pressing the handpiece firmly against the treatment area ensuring full skin contact with the device’s window. The skin sensor will detect proper contact and allow you to trigger the device. Press the flash button to release the IPL energy. You should see a bright flash and feel a mild, warm sensation.
      6. Treatment Grid Technique: Properly use the device by ensuring complete coverage and avoid overlapping, follow a grid-like pattern. Move the device to the next adjacent area after each flash, treating small sections at a time. Overlapping can cause excessive heat and skin damage. Treat each zone only once during a session.
      7. Post-Treatment Care: After using the device and completing the treatment, apply a soothing aloe vera gel or a fragrance-free moisturizer to calm and hydrate the skin. Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 48 hours and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) to protect the treated areas.
      8. Repeat Treatments: For optimal results in using the device, perform treatments at regular intervals for at least a total of 6-8 sessions. Maintenance treatments may be required after 1-2 months, depending on individual hair growth patterns.

Remember to consult the user manual provided with your Ulike Laser Hair Removal device for specific instructions and contraindications related to your device.