Kennzi Reviews: Laser Hair Removal IPL Handset
Kennzi Hair Removal Handset reviewed

Kennzi Reviews: Laser Hair Removal IPL Handset

In this Kennzi Hair Removal review we will be inspecting the Kennzi IPL Hair Removal Handset.

Does Kennzi actually work? We will base our answer on 13 factors including Hair reduction, Safety, FDA clearance and Compatibility with different hair and skin types. By the end of the review you will know why and how well the Kennzi IPL Hair Removal Handset works, as well as how safe it is.

Kennzi Reviews

Below you will find verified customer reviews of the Kennzi laser hair removal device:


The Kennzi IPL Hair Removal Handset has an overall review score of 6.5 on a scale of 10. This review score was calculated by grading the Kennzi IPL Hair Removal Handset on how well it works in different areas such as: Hair reduction, Safety, FDA clearance, Skin tone compatibility, Hair type compatibility, Power, Treatment Area, Treatment time, Pain level, Convenience, Warranty, and Battery life. Below you will find a table that shows how well the hair removal device scores in the aforementioned areas:

Attribute Description Review score
Hair Reduction Anecdotal evidence suggest the device can be ineffective even after several months.  4/10
Safety Moderate, possible burns if not used properly or on very dark skin. Includes UV-protection and IPL technology.  5/10
FDA Clearance Yes.  10/10
Skin Tone Compatibility Does not work on very dark skin. 5/10
Hair type Compatibility Does not work on blonde and red hair. 5/10
Power 5 intensity levels. 8/10
Treatment Area Everywhere on the body where hair grows. Not around the eyes without protective eyewear. Eye protection not included. 8/10
Treatment Time 9 minutes, once per week for the first month. After that 9 minutes once every 2 to 4 weeks as a touchup. 10/10
Pain Level Slight warm sensation 9/10
Price 199 – 250$ 8/10
Convenience Moderate. Device needs to be plugged in during treatment, but the device is easy to use. Many accessories not included in base model. 6/10
Warranty limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. 90 day money back guarantee 8/10
Battery Life None. Device uses a standard wall outlet and needs to be plugged in. 0/10
Dazzle Score The Dazzle score is a grade we give hair removal devices based on its performance and effectiveness: 6.5  6.5

Specifications and features

Power Supply 100-240V AC Input, 12V 3A DC output
Dimensions 124*83*48.5mm
Wavelength Range 420nm – 1150nm
Size of treatment Window 3 Cm2
Operating Temperature 5-30 degrees Celsius
Output Intensity Levels 5
FDA Cleared Yes

Does Kennzi work?

Kennzi works to some extent. The Kennzi IPL Hair Removal Handset works moderately well for people with fair skin and dark hair. However, the laser hair removal device does not work for those with very dark skin, red hair, blonde hair and white hair. Overall, this hair removal device from Kennzi works less well than other devices we have reviewed such as the Ulike Sapphire Air+.
The Kennzi IPL Hair Removal Handset promises visible hair reduction within 4 weeks. However anecdotal evidence suggest results vary a lot.
IPL effectiveness
The Kennzi IPL Hair Removal Handset makes use of IPL technology which stands for Intensed Pulsed Light. As a 2003 study, by Raulin et al. published in the journal of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine indicates, IPL technology is safe and useful.
The laser hair removal device has FDA clearance and has 5 Intensity levels. The device can be used everywhere on the body except the eyes. Unfortunately no eye protection is provided. A laser hair removal session with this device typically takes around 9 minutes.
The 5 level technology adapts the light intensity to the skin, however it’s still possible to get burned using this device if used improperly. In addition, the laser hair removal device is moderately convenient due to its ease of use. However the lack of accessories reduces the convenience. Given the 1 year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee, it is possible to try the device out and see if it is to you liking.
All in all the device will cost anywhere between 199 – 250$ which is in the lower to mid range for laser hair removal devices.

Does the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset work for brazilian?

The Kenzzi Hair Removal Handset is effective for Brazilian hair removal. This device operates on the principle of intense pulsed light (IPL), which is widely proven in professional settings for its capacity in hair reduction. Brazilian hair removal, specifically, involves the removal of hair from areas including the bikini line, pubic area, and full buttocks, which are regions Kenzzi can safely address owing to its five levels of light intensity adjustment.

The device’s effectiveness is influenced by factors such as hair color and skin type. It proves most effective for people with pale skin tone and dark hair, owing to the sharp contrast that aids in light absorption.

Does the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset work for different skin types?

Yes, the Kenzzi Hair Removal Handset functions on a range of skin types (types I to IV on the Fitzpatrick Scale), given its utilization of IPL (Intense Pulsated Light) technology. IPL technology emits a broad spectrum of light with different wavelengths, designed to target and destroy hair follicles beneath the skin surface.

It’s a versatile approach, suitable for skin types I to IV on the Fitzpatrick Scale; that is, from very light to moderate brown skin. However, it potentially has less efficacy on darker skin tones (type V and VI), as it can struggle to differentiate between dark skin pigment and the hair follicle, risking burns and potential skin damage.

Does the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset work for different hair types?

Yes, the Kenzzi Hair Removal Handset is effective for a range of darker hair types. IPL technology targets melanin in hair follicles, thus exhibiting effectiveness for most hair colors except for very light blond, red, or gray hair.

The optimized 500-1200 nm wavelength range of Kenzzi ensures that it can target black, brown, and fair hair effectively. A 2019 review of IPL technology found that it has an 88% reduction in hair count for individuals with these hair colors after an 8-12 week treatment period.

However, individual results can vary due to variations in hair texture and density. Therefore, though the appliance has a high degree of effectiveness for most people, its success is dependent on consistent use and individual physical characteristics.

Does the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset hurt?

The Kenzzi Hair Removal Handset does not cause pain, instead, users may experience a slight warm sensation. This sensation is the result of the handset emitting concentrated light, which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, leading to thermal-induced destruction. The Kenzzi device’s built-in safety measures and customizable intensity settings ensure that damage to surrounding skin tissues is minimal, thus, reducing possible discomfort.


Does Kennzi provide a warranty?

Yes, Kennzi provides a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring protection against possible manufacturing defects. This warranty safeguards customers from mechanical or operational faults that may occur due to any variances in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, Kennzi offers a 90-day money back guarantee, displaying a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. This financial security ensures that if customers are not satisfied with their results within the initial 90-day period, they can request their money back.

Thus, Kennzi’s warranty and guarantee policies offer dual-level coverage, allowing customers to invest in their laser hair removal needs with an added level of assurance.

How good is the Battery life of the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset?

The Kennzi Hair Removal Handset does not have a battery as it operates on a standard wall outlet power supply. This makes its operational time unlimited, so long as a power source is available. Thus, it negates the need for battery replacements, accrues no downtime due to charging and enhances the longevity of the device effectively.

How to use the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset?

To use the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset device device effectively and make it work, review these steps:

      1. Preparation: Before using the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset, it’s important to prepare your skin. Shave the treatment area with a razor to eliminate lengthy hair shafts that may absorb IPL energy meant for the hair follicle. Clean and thoroughly dry the area to remove any residual body oils or skincare products that could interfere with the light energy penetration.
      2. Skin and Hair Color Test: The device is best used on individuals with light to medium skin tones and dark hair. Perform a Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test to ensure your skin tone is suitable. Darker skin may absorb excessive energy and increase the risk of hyperpigmentation or burns.
      3. Powering the Device: Use the device by plugging the Kennzi Hair Removal Handset into an electrical outlet. Turn it on and allow it to warm up for a few seconds.
      4. Intensity Level Selection: Use the device by determining the appropriate intensity level based on your skin type and sensitivity. Start at the lowest setting and gradually increase to a comfortable level as you proceed with further treatments. Remember that higher settings deliver more effective results but could also raise the risk of discomfort or side effects.
      5. Application: Use the device by pressing the handpiece firmly against the treatment area ensuring full skin contact with the device’s window. The skin sensor will detect proper contact and allow you to trigger the device. Press the flash button to release the IPL energy. You should see a bright flash and feel a mild, warm sensation.
      6. Treatment Grid Technique: Properly use the device by ensuring complete coverage and avoid overlapping, follow a grid-like pattern. Move the device to the next adjacent area after each flash, treating small sections at a time. Overlapping can cause excessive heat and skin damage. Treat each zone only once during a session.
      7. Post-Treatment Care: After using the device and completing the treatment, apply a soothing aloe vera gel or a fragrance-free moisturizer to calm and hydrate the skin. Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 48 hours and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) to protect the treated areas.
      8. Repeat Treatments: For optimal results in using the device, perform treatments at regular intervals for at least a total of 6-8 sessions. Maintenance treatments may be required after 1-2 months, depending on individual hair growth patterns.

Remember to consult the user manual provided with your Kennzi Hair Removal Handset for specific instructions and contraindications related to your device.