Make A Stunning Winter Snowflake Wreath From Puzzle Pieces (DIY)

Make A Stunning Winter Snowflake Wreath From Puzzle Pieces (DIY)

When my daughter first started elementary school, I (over) enthusiastically put my name down as a volunteer for everything.  Yes, I was that mom. Which is how I found myself as 1st grade “Room Parent”.

And as part of that gig, I was tasked with creating a classroom art project for the school’s Winter Arts Festival’s silent auction. Say what?! The challenge: create a project led by 6 and 7 year olds to warrant a few bids at the silent auction and earn $ for the school. Did I miss this in the job description write-up?!

puzzle piece wrath


While this snowflake wreath was created with 25 wiggly first graders, it can be just as easily crafted with one coffee-drinking adult! Peruse the kids game collection or scour your local thrift store ’cause it’s time to put the pieces together.

– Puzzle pieces (I used a medium size puzzle piece)
– White spray paint + primer
– Glitter craft paint
– Mod Podge
– Craft glue
– 1″ craft mirrors
– Popsicle sticks
– Craft scissors
– Cardstock
– Cardboard wreath form (I used an 18″ size)

Puzzling Step #1:
Lay the puzzle pieces out on an old sheet and give each side a spray of paint + primer.

Puzzling Step #2:
Once dry, add glittery craft paint to the front of each little puzzle piece. Yes, this is a little time-consuming so put on a good TV show or some motivating music!

To add some variety and depth to the wreath, I glued some puzzle pieces together to make larger flakes.

Puzzling Step #3:
To make the job of adhering individual, glittery puzzle pieces together to form a snowflake shape, I cut cardstock circles on which to glue the pieces. Once all the snowflakes were glued together, a small 1″ craft mirror was added.

Puzzling Step #4:
Add some popsicle sticks for extra support to the large snowflakes. After giving the sticks a simple spray of white paint, I cut three sections out of one stick and glued them to the back of each snowflake. This is an optional step but I didn’t want pieces breaking off.

And while I had the spray can out, I gave my wreath form a coat of color as well. Once dry, I covered it with some of the glittery acrylic paint.


Puzzling Step #5:
Now the fun part! Arranging your snowflakes onto the wreath form. Simply put, just glue and place. Once everything is set, add a layer of Mod Podge over the ‘flakes for extra security.

Puzzling Step #6:
I wound up with a couple extra snowflakes that couldn’t fit onto the wreath. So, I hung the last two snowflakes in the center by gluing fishing wire to the cardstock circle. I cut a second cardstock circle and sandwiched the fishing wire in the middle. The other end of the fishing wire was wrapped around the snowflake wreath form and hidden under the bow.

Add a pretty bow and hang on your door. This snowflake wreath can stay out all season long ’til the snow melts!

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