How to Make Stunning Spring Wreath with Mini Flower Pots (DIY)

How to Make Stunning Spring Wreath with Mini Flower Pots (DIY)

INSIDE: How to make a miniature terra cotta flower pot for stunning spring front door wreath. Easy clay pot, raffia spring craft for home.

Many moons ago, during our first home remodel, I practically lived on eBay, finding all sorts of treasures and heavily discounted items for our home.

One click here, one click there and I stumbled upon some miniature terracotta flower pots at an I-got-to-buy-it-now awesome price! Of course the item I just had to have sat for a long while on a shelf until I could think of a project to use them for. Typical, isn’t it, of the stuff we think we just need to have?!

Finally, with idea in mind, I came up with a pot perfect way to welcome in Spring.

Wreath DIY


What better way to bring on the spring sun, warmer weather and the desire to plant some pretty flowers than with a miniature flower pot door wreath?

Grab Your Potting Supplies:
– miniature terra cotta flower pots
– outdoor craft paint + paint brush
– polyurethane
 floral wire
– wire wreath (I used an 18″ wreath form)
– ribbon or raffia


This is a rather simple project but it does take some time, simply because you must have the *patience* to paint these little flower pots. But the outcome is worth the effort!

Step No. 1 –
Grab your painting supplies and paint your flower pots in whatever color(s) you enjoy best.

decoration DIY

Step No. 2 –
Once dry, apply a coat of polyurethane to the flower pots. This is an optional choice. I chose to do this to protect the pots from dirt and debris since I was hanging this wreath outside. It also gives the flower pots some shine.

Step No. 3 –
I cut strips of floral wire and inserted each strip through the drainage hole at the bottom of the flower pot. It should look like the flower pot is dangling off the floral wire, like a necklace pendant!

Then wrap and secure the floral wire around one of the rims of the wire wreath. I wrapped flower pots on both the upper and lower rims of the wreath form. Proceed in this manner until the wreath is covered, leaving a small space should you want to attach a bow.

Step No. 4 –
Once all the pots are secured onto the wreath form, wrap raffia (or ribbon) around the wreath form and attached flower pots to fully cover the wreath and any floral wire.

Step No. 5 – 
Attach a bow, if desired.
A friendly tip: I used some heavy wire to hang this wreath due to its weight.

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