10 Best Laser Hair Removal In Denver, CO

10 Best Laser Hair Removal In Denver, CO

The 10 best laser hair removal salons in Denver, CO are:

Name Website Phone_number Address Stars Price_range
Denver Laser Solutions denverlasersolutions.com (303) 807-4333 1325 Glenarm Pl Fl 6 Denver Athletic Club Denver, CO 80204 4.8 star rating $$
Eleven11 Laser + Skincare 5 star rating
Laser Beauty Works laserbeautyworks.com (720) 315-6677 3141 N Irving St Ste 202 Denver, CO 80211 4.4 star rating $$
Urban Laser urbanlaserdenver.com (720) 676-1367 3210 Meade St Denver, CO 80211 4.9 star rating $$
Milan Laser Hair Removal milanlaserdenver.com (720) 736-8717 3700 Quebec St Ste 101 Denver, CO 80207 5 star rating
Laser Envy Spa laserenvyspa.com (720) 206-5078 226 Steele St Denver, CO 80206 4.7 star rating $$
Timeless Laser timeless-laser.com (303) 800-1821 2795 N Speer Blvd Ste 11 Denver, CO 80211 4.6 star rating $$
LaserAway laseraway.com (303) 569-4557 4076 E 9th Ave Denver, CO 80220 3.6 star rating
Laser Loft Laser & Skincare laser-lofts.com (720) 548-0211 24 E 11th Ave Denver, CO 80203 4.5 star rating $$
The Skin and Laser Boutique theskinandlaserboutique.com (303) 547-0671 695 S Colorado Blvd Ste 100 Denver, CO 80246 4.6 star rating $$

1. Denver Laser Solutions

Denver Laser SolutionsDenver Laser Solutions is a skin care clinic located in downtown Denver. They offer a range of services including CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, photofacial, Botox, facials, acne treatments, virtual skincare consultations, and various problem area treatments. The clinic is known for its friendly and knowledgeable staff, and they also provide rewards points for their customers.

2. Eleven11 Laser + Skincare

Eleven11 Laser + SkincareEleven11 Laser + Skincare offers chemical peels as a way to achieve radiant holiday skin. They specialize in providing effective treatments for glowing and flawless skin during the holiday season.

3. Laser Beauty Works

Laser Beauty WorksLaser Beauty Works is a laser treatment establishment located in Denver, CO. Customers have praised the excellent customer service, welcoming ambiance, and convenient location with free parking. Lisa, a beauty expert at Laser Beauty Works, is highly recommended by customers for her exceptional service.

4. Urban Laser

Urban Laser

5. Milan Laser Hair Removal

Milan Laser Hair RemovalMilan Laser Hair Removal is the largest laser hair removal company in the US, offering permanent hair removal solutions at an affordable price. They use FDA-cleared lasers and procedures are performed by Authorized Candela Practitioners. Milan also provides the unique Unlimited Package, which includes unlimited treatments for life at no additional cost.

6. Laser Envy Spa

Laser Envy SpaLaser Envy Spa & Cosmetics is a company that specializes in safe and effective laser hair removal treatments. They have highly skilled and experienced technicians who offer a variety of services, including facial and skincare treatments. Laser Envy Spa has received positive reviews from customers and has multiple locations in Denver, including Cherry Creek.

7. Timeless Laser

Timeless LaserTimeless Laser is a company that focuses on building personal relationships with clients based on trust and satisfaction. They have a team of skilled experts who specialize in correcting signs of aging, reversing damage, and enhancing facial structure. Timeless Laser offers customized treatment plans and educates clients on anti-aging and healthy skin practices.

8. LaserAway

LaserAwayLaserAway is a company that specializes in providing laser hair removal and skincare services. They have multiple locations across the United States and offer a range of treatments including tattoo removal, body contouring, and anti-aging procedures. LaserAway is known for its advanced technology, experienced staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

9. Laser Loft Laser & Skincare

Laser Loft Laser & SkincareLaser Loft Laser & Skincare is a full-service medical spa with locations in Downtown Denver, Downtown Loveland, Denton, and Gainesville. They offer a wide range of laser treatments, skincare services, and injectable treatments, catering to clients of all genders, ethnicities, ages, and skin conditions. Laser Loft provides personalized treatment plans tailored to individual goals, helping clients achieve healthier skin and enhance their natural beauty.

10. The Skin and Laser Boutique

The Skin and Laser Boutique