Nood Customer Reviews

Nood Customer Reviews

Below you will find verified customer reviews of people who have bought the Nood Flasher 2.0:


I have been at this for 8 weeks.. systematically following the directions; picked 2 areas (underarms + my hoohah), 2x a week (every Wed + Sat), I shave and go over every area 3x. For starters - I see less hair growth (altho I have no idea if it won't all grow back if I weren't shaving twice a week), once you get past the bumps from constantly shaving, it does get much easier to do around week #3.

I'm light skinned (yellow, tanned skin) with black hair - so it should work on me. I AM seeing progress (less amount of hair growing back for now) - about 70% less, but will probably need another 4-8 weeks of doing this - to really be hairless 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Do I recommend Nood? Yes. Absolutely.

Z Mathis

I’ve never done any type of hair removal treatments, this is my first time doing something to my armpits other than shaving and waxing. One week using it on the highest setting and saw a hairless patch. Excited to see how it looks after 8 weeks of treatment. I’m doing it 3 times a week since my hair is kinda thick, dark and grows like crazy. The highest setting is kinda uncomfortable, feel like I’m hitting my underarms with a rubber band. I’m ok with it since my pain tolerance is pretty high.

Ginna Matos

I have used this as directed (go over the area 3x, twice a week for 8 weeks) and while the hair is not 100% gone, it’s about 90% gone and the hair that remains is much finer and grows much slower. I no longer have to shave every day! I will keep using this in these areas for a few more weeks and I’ve also started doing other areas. I would buy this again.


Okay. Jury is back. I used this every 3 days (I set a reminder in my phone) for 16 weeks. Which is longer than the manufacturer says (8 weeks) but they do warn you that coarse facial hair takes longer than fine body hair. My facial hair is VERY improved. I would say that it is 50-75% gone on my upper lip and chin, and the hair that remains is finer and takes a lot longer to grow back. I was hoping that everything would be clean and smooth and I would never have to think about it again, but I think that is just not realistic due to my genetics. I got sick of doing it so often and the results seemed to plateau, so I am now in the maintenance phase, which means you zap it every two weeks. So what I do now is zap my upper lip and chin, and then I pluck everything. I would say that I am perfectly smooth for about a week, then start to feel a few guys growing back but I just lightly shave every few days until the next zapping. All the constant irritation is gone. This is a MUCH better situation than I used to be in with the constant daily plucking and irritation and scarring. So I am leaving my review 5 stars, even though my results aren’t exactly what I’d hoped and dreamed for. Also it did greatly reduce my spider veins by the way, and that bald spot it created in my leg is still mostly bald, so if you are getting this for your legs it will definitely work.

Jury is still out because I am in week 5, and it is supposed to take 8 weeks per instructions (twice a week zapping). I bought this to use on my face, because now in menopause I am getting some very coarse black hair on my upper lip and chin which is totally grossing me out (my grandmother was Greek, so yeah… thanks). I was having to tweeze and pluck and pick every day, and was getting some ingrowns and marks and scarring. I had to do something. Those fancy salons intimidate me and are super expensive. So I am trying this, fingers crossed!

I am giving it 5 stars already because I can see it doing something. The patches on my face are maybe a little less. The pamphlet says the 8 week period is for regular body hair but that facial hair tends to be thicker and coarser and take longer, so I am prepared to go as long as it takes! I do not mind shaving my legs so I had no intention of doing it there, but for fun I have been zapping a patch of spider veins on my shin, and this has created a bald spot! So I KNOW it is working, my face is just going to take longer. That’s ok.

I am fair skinned and am using it at level 7 which is the top level. Sometimes there is a little zap but it’s fine. Overall painless. There is some skin irritation on my face when I am done but I use my Thayer’s toner and it resolves quickly.

If I get the results on my face that I want I will come back and edit this review. Fingers crossed!


I got both this and the Braun to compare them. I expected to prefer this one, but found that the Braun is actually better.

Minor comparisons:
This one has great marketing, a beautiful box and instruction booklet, and the product itself feels more premium as a result. Both Braun and this one are easy to understand and use. I haven't used this one long enough to confirm, but based on my good results with Braun and the similarities with this one, they both effectively remove hair (as a pale person with dark hairs). This one has a bigger ventilator to cool faster, and is less sensitive to the light sensor being perfectly aligned so it's slightly easier to with the larger head on places like ankles (though this may come with an eye safety risk). I can't speak too badly of it and think it's still worth buying.

Major comparison:
The 2 main differences matter a lot to me:
(1) Braun seems to be stronger. The Nood one is barely a pinch on the highest setting. On the highest setting with Braun, I get stronger "rubber band snap" feeling, similar to how it is a professional session. The most effective results - in this case based on stronger light - is always the most important.
(2) The flashes in auto mode on Braun are more than twice as rapid. This means my sessions on Braun can be complete twice as fast as the Nood. These are already time consuming so having such a delay between flashes is definitely a deal breaker for me.

Overall, both are fine, and I am thrilled I discovered IPL so I no longer have prickly porcupine legs and bikini all the time, but I will be returning this one in favor of Braun!

Inna Tkatch

So far after a few sessions I already see less hair growth so I am hopeful- taking me a little longer to use than I thought but I would imagine that will get better over time! I will try to remember to post a review after the 8 week time frame is up!