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Want smooth skin and a hair-free body? Milan Laser is your go-to. It’s the biggest laser hair removal provider in the nation. Every month, they do more than 50,000 treatments. This shows they’re all about giving top-notch care.

Started by medical doctors in 2012, Milan Laser focuses on high-quality laser treatments. They make the process fun and relaxing. What’s really cool is their Unlimited Package™. It offers unlimited treatments for life with no extra costs. This beats the usual methods of shaving and waxing by being more cost-effective.

Expect great service and results that last forever. This makes enjoying permanent hair reduction easier than ever. Milan Credit’s payment plans make it affordable, too. Join thousands who trust Milan Laser. Get ready to see what the future of beauty looks like.

Key Takeaways

  • Milan Laser is the largest laser hair removal company in the nation.
  • Milan Laser performs over 50,000 treatments every month.
  • The average person needs 7 to 10 treatments to be 95%+ hair-free.
  • Milan Laser offers the Unlimited Package™ with unlimited treatments for life at no additional cost.
  • Founded in 2012 by board-certified medical doctors.
  • Provides state-of-the-art laser treatments in a fun, relaxing environment.
  • Guarantees lifetime hair removal results.
  • Offers affordable payment plans through Milan Credit.

Introduction to Milan Laser

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, Milan Laser is a great option. It was started by medical doctors in 2012. They aim to provide easy, effective, and cheap laser hair removal treatments.

Company Background

Milan Laser Hair Removal is the biggest provider in the U.S. They do over 50,000 treatments a month. They have 1,000 workers and more than 160 locations in 23 states.

Their treatments are done by well-trained medical professionals. They use Candela GentleMax Pro technology. This is good for all skin tones, letting everyone get top-notch laser treatments.

Mission and Vision

As laser hair removal specialists, Milan Laser wants to give clients the best service in a nice setting. They don’t just want to remove hair. Their goal is to free clients from shaving and waxing for life.

They promise you won’t pay again for removal in the same spot, thanks to their unlimited package. This gives you long-term security.

They focus on making sure customers are happy and feel safe. Their clinics are welcoming to all genders and skin types. This makes laser hair removal open to everyone.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a top solution for getting rid of unwanted hair. It’s offered at Milan Laser, where the goal is to stop the need for shaving and waxing. This means clients can enjoy smooth skin without constant upkeep.

Permanent Solution to Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal gives a lasting fix to unwanted hair. Milan Laser says most clients see over 95% hair gone after seven to ten sessions. They use Candela GentleMax Pro lasers for this. It works on many skin types, saving money in the long haul.

Cost-Effectiveness Compared to Shaving and Waxing

Choosing laser over shaving or waxing saves a lot of cash. Shaving can eat up 39 hours and $3,800 in a lifetime. Waxing can cost even more, about $24,000.

Yet, Milan Laser charges around $2,500 for lasting results, with ways to make payments easier. This shows how cost-effective laser treatments are. Plus, each quick session saves time over the years.

Hair Removal Method Lifetime Cost (Approx.)
Shaving $3,800
Waxing $24,000
Brazilian Waxing $15,000
Back Waxing $18,000
Laser Hair Removal $2,500

When you think about the money and time spent, Milan Laser’s laser hair removal is the best choice. It’s not just permanent but also more economical and efficient for smooth skin.

Milan Laser’s Exclusive Unlimited Package™

What makes Milan Laser stand out is the exclusive Unlimited Package™. This lifetime guarantee offers unlimited treatments. You can get these treatments for any part including underarms, bikini line, and more. It’s a complete solution for all hair removal needs.

This package gives clients endless sessions until they’re happy with the results. It’s a game-changer in the hair removal industry. Unlike usual offers that come in 6 or 9 sessions, Milan’s Unlimited Package™ gives total flexibility. You won’t have to worry about extra costs later on.

Right now, there’s an offer that cuts the cost in half. Grab this deal by June 29 to save on lifetime hair removal. Picture getting rid of unwanted hair in just 7-10 sessions. That’s usually enough for most people to be over 95% hair-free.

Milan Laser has more than 260 clinics across the country. So, finding a convenient location is easy. Lifetime hair removal is available wherever you are. Plus, everyone can get smooth skin easily with 100% credit approval and payments from $45/month through Milan Credit.

Features Standard Packages Unlimited Package™
Treatment Sessions 6 or 9 Unlimited
Coverage Specific body areas All body areas
Payment Flexibility Varies As low as $45/month
Lifetime Guarantee No Yes
Clinic Accessibility Varies 260+ clinics nationwide

With the Unlimited Package™, you get convenience and peace of mind. Forget the repetitive shaving and waxing. Welcome to a future with smooth, permanent skin. Milan Laser guarantees a life free of unwanted hair, provided by a trustworthy brand.

Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is great for many people. Milan Laser serves different clients with tailored treatments. They match laser options to your skin type and hair color.

Skin Types and Hair Colors

Milan Laser uses Candela GentleMax Pro lasers. These advanced lasers work on all skin tones. Everyone can look forward to effective treatment for unwanted hair. In 7-10 sessions, most folks end up 95%-100% hair-free.

Age and Lifestyle Factors

Age and hormone changes matter in laser hair removal. Milan Laser’s experts think about these things. Your lifestyle matters too, especially if you often shave or want a lasting hair removal solution.

Milan’s laser treatments fit all skin types. They’re a lasting way to remove hair, saving you money over time. Think about this: the average person spends thousands on shaving or waxing. Laser treatments offer a big chance to save and keep your skin smooth.

Milan Laser makes it easy to start with 0% interest payment plans. They also have the Unlimited Package™. This deal gives you all the treatments you need for smooth skin forever. It’s a smart option for many clients.

Milan Laser’s State-of-the-Art Technology

Milan Laser Hair Removal started with a clear vision in 2012. It was founded by Shikhar Saxena M.D. and Abe Schumacher M.D. They focus on safe and effective laser hair removal.

FDA-Cleared Lasers

Milan Laser uses FDA-cleared lasers, like the Candela GentleMax Pro. This machine works well for all skin tones. It’s safe and delivers results fast.

The machines are kept up-to-date and meet high standards. This means clients feel secure at every visit. They know they’re in good hands because the treatments are FDA-approved.

Tailored Treatments

Milan Laser believes in care that fits you perfectly. Each plan is made for your unique skin and hair. You’ll need seven to ten sessions for the best results.

The Candela GentleMax Pro is highly effective in treating unwanted hair and is capable of providing 95% hair reduction with its state-of-the-art technology.

Milan Laser is known for its great outcomes. They focus on safety and making clients happy with tailor-made care.

  1. Consultation with a medical professional to assess skin type and hair color.
  2. Creating a plan just for you.
  3. Using top-notch lasers on the areas you want treated.
  4. After treatment, there’s no need to pause your day or worry about redness.
Treatment Area Session Duration Cost Comparison
Upper Lip 5-10 minutes Less expensive than lifetime waxing
Underarm 5-10 minutes Significantly reduces maintenance costs
Full Leg 30-45 minutes Cheaper in the long run compared to shaving
Back 30-45 minutes Less costly than monthly back waxes

What to Expect During Your Laser Hair Removal Session

Starting your journey to smooth skin at Milan Laser is exciting. They take time to plan your treatment carefully. Knowing what happens during laser hair removal makes the process easier.

Initial Consultation

Your first meeting at Milan Laser is key. This free session lets you share your wishes and questions. You’ll find out about the treatment, including how many times you’ll need to come back, and learn about payment options. The staff works hard to create a plan just for you, keeping your lifestyle in mind.

Procedure Details

At your appointment, you’ll see how fast and straightforward it is. Treating small places like your upper lip takes about 10 minutes. Treatments are set five weeks apart to best reduce hair. Milan Laser promises you’ll be 95% hair-free. You’ll notice less hair after 2-3 visits. Plus, you won’t need to take time off after.

Post-Treatment Care

Caring for your skin after treatment is very important. Milan Laser gives detailed advice to help you get the best results. Your skin will feel smoother and hair will grow back slower, often in just two weeks. Following steps like staying out of the sun and using SPF 50 sunscreen post-treatment helps a lot. This professional advice makes all the difference, freeing you from shaving.

Cost Comparison Laser Hair Removal Waxing Shaving
Brazilian Wax (Lifetime) $2,500 $15,000 N/A
Back Wax (Monthly) $2,500 $18,000 N/A

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Milan Laser Hair Removal started in 2012. It grew from one clinic in Omaha to 350 clinics in 35 states. This growth shows their high customer satisfaction. Milan Laser reviews have an impressive 4.95 stars, thanks to positive feedback and real-life results.

“I started my journey with Milan in 2017 as a Client Coordinator,” shares Anne Chess. Over six years, I’ve transitioned to roles such as Marketing Coordinator, Calliquet om Centql Coqiliqw Ma Grona Lif bab om Af ej hpem bian Gifi wom Qwith Clone Luke e Manager, and now, a Salesforce QA Analyst. Milan provided me with immense support, including generous maternity leave policies. My journey here has been a testament to internal growth opportunities and career advancement.”

Client stories highlight Milan Laser’s commitment to quality outcomes. One client’s experience shows this. She had treatments on her olive Indian skin and saw big changes. After three treatments, her hair started to reduce. Over time, 40% of treated areas showed no hair growth at all.

Milan Laser technicians fine-tune treatments to be most effective. They start with lower joules, then increase them. This method has greatly reduced hair regrowth for clients.

Some reviews discuss concerns like paradoxical hair growth in olive-skinned individuals. Milan Laser informs and supports clients well. These stories motivate new clients and showcase the impressive results Milan achieves.

Milan Laser has gained recognition for its success. It made Inc. Magazine’s Midwest list and was named one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha™. CEO, Shikhar Saxena, won the 2023 Heartland Entrepreneur of the Year. These honors reflect both consumer and employee satisfaction.

Testimonials show Milan Laser’s treatments work well. They’re committed to customer satisfaction and great results.

Milan Laser reviews and stories offer hope to those considering treatment. They show a path to smoother skin.

Comparing Milan Laser to Other Hair Removal Methods

laser vs waxing

When looking at hair removal, considering effectiveness and convenience is key. Let’s look at how laser compares to waxing and shaving. Also, we’ll see how Milan Laser ranks against other laser options.

Waxing and Shaving

Laser hair removal is often weighed against waxing and shaving. Waxing can be semi-permanent but takes time and is expensive. You might spend about 8 hours a year on it. Over your lifetime, waxing your bikini area could cost more than $18,000. That’s nearly ten times the cost of laser treatments.

Shaving may seem cheaper at first but ends up costing about $1,300 more over a lifetime than laser removal. People spend around 39 hours a year shaving. Yet, shaving gives only temporary results and must be done often.

Other Laser Hair Removal Providers

Comparing laser hair removal services shows why Milan Laser is a top choice. IPL treatments can reduce hair by 80% after 10+ treatments. But Milan Laser’s technology achieves over a 95% reduction in 7-10 sessions. Most IPL devices at home also need more upkeep and work less effectively.

Milan Laser uses Candela GentleMax Pro technology. This is safe and effective for all skin tones. Clients usually see 95-100% hair reduction in 7-10 sessions. Treatments are quick and happen five weeks apart.

What’s more, Milan Laser offers an Unlimited Package™. This gives clients unlimited treatments for life. They also have payment plans at 0% interest. This shows Milan Laser’s dedication to quality and affordability. It provides a dependable, long-term hair removal solution.

Milan Laser Locations and Services in the US

Milan Laser has over 260 locations across the US. This makes finding a clinic easy, no matter your location. They are the biggest company in the nation for laser hair removal. So, it’s easy to find top-notch local services.

How to Find a Milan Laser Near You

Finding a Milan Laser clinic is easy. Go to their website and use the clinic locator. Just type in your zip code or city. You’ll see the nearest clinics, details about them, and customer reviews. Every location uses the latest technology and has experienced staff. This ensures great results.

Available Treatments and Packages

Milan Laser has treatments for all types of hair removal needs. You can remove hair from underarms, lip, chin, legs, bikini, or back/chest. Their treatments work on all skin tones, including darker ones. This makes Milan Laser a great choice for permanent hair removal.

The packages include:

  • Single Area Treatment: For targeting areas like the lip or underarms.
  • Multiple Area Package: Great for treating both legs and bikini area.
  • Unlimited Package: This offers lifetime treatments at no extra cost.

Milan Laser also gives free consultations. Here, clients can talk about what they need, understand the process, and ask questions.

Monthly Specials and Discounts at Milan Laser

Discover amazing deals on laser hair removal at Milan Laser. They offer incredible discounts each month. You can now get smooth, hair-free skin at a lower cost.

At Milan Laser in Dallas, one main offer is 50% off unlimited treatments for life. They also have free treatment options for areas like underarms and bikini lines. With every purchase, customers get the Unlimited Package™. This ensures smooth skin for life.

At Milan Laser, treatments are priced with the Unlimited Package™. Most people achieve 95%+ hair removal in just 7-10 treatments, making it a highly effective solution for unwanted hair.

Stay in the loop with Milan Laser’s promotions by signing up for their emails. You won’t miss any great deals. These offers can greatly improve your hair removal journey.

Here are some of their current monthly specials:

Special Offer Details Duration
50% Off Unlimited Treatments Lifetime access to hair removal treatments at half the price All year, Dallas
Free Treatment Offer Complimentary treatments on specified body areas with a consultation Offer valid until June 29 in Gainesville
Monthly Specials Affordable payment plans with 0% interest Available Nationwide, ongoing

Milan Laser has over 270 locations nationwide. Don’t miss out on their special deals. With the Unlimited Package™, you’re guaranteed results for life. Start your journey to smooth skin with Milan Laser today.

Financing and Payment Plans

Milan Laser knows how important affordable options are. They offer flexible financing and payment plans. This means clients can find something that fits their budget nicely.

No-Interest Payment


At Milan Laser, you’ll find 0% interest payment plans. This helps clients manage their finances without extra costs. You can spread your payments over time, and there’s no worry about interest.

Approved Affordable Payment Plans with Milan Credit

Milan Credit makes starting hair removal treatments easy. Starting payments are as low as $45 a month. Everyone gets approved 100% for financing here.

Plus, you get a lifetime guarantee with the Unlimited Package™. This offers great value for those wanting a hair-free life for good.

Milan Laser aims to make hair removal easy for everyone. They provide financing options for all financial situations. On average, people need 7 to 10 sessions for best results. All of these can be financed through Milan Credit.


This guide has shown you why Milan Laser is a top pick for getting rid of unwanted hair. It talks about the company’s history and the big benefits of their services. Milan Laser focuses on high-quality treatments that won’t break the bank.

The TRUE Unlimited Package from Milan Laser stands out because it offers endless treatments with no hidden fees. The Candela Gentle Max Pro technology works for all skin tones and hair kinds. Most people see the results they want in 6 to 10 sessions. Milan Laser promises a safe and successful process for removing hair from your face, underarms, legs, or elsewhere, using FDA-approved tools.

Milan Laser makes it easy for anyone to afford their services with flexible payment options. As laser hair removal becomes popular among men, the company is welcoming more clients. This strengthens Milan Laser’s status as a reliable service provider. To wrap up, Milan Laser’s commitment to making customers happy, along with top-notch technology and affordable options, makes it a market leader. This summary about Milan Laser should help you feel ready and excited to start your path to being hair-free.


What is Milan Laser known for?

Milan Laser is famous for its top-notch laser hair removal. They aim for long-lasting results. Being the biggest in the U.S., they do over 50,000 treatments every month.

Who founded Milan Laser?

Doctors with board certifications launched Milan Laser in 2012. They created a leading brand in laser hair removal.

What makes Milan Laser’s Unlimited Package™ unique?

Milan Laser’s Exclusive Unlimited Package™ lets clients get life-long treatments. This makes getting rid of hair cost-effective and permanent.

How many treatments are typically required at Milan Laser for permanent hair reduction?

To reduce hair by 95%+, clients need 7 to 10 treatments. But, the Unlimited Package™ offers more sessions if needed.

What types of clients does Milan Laser cater to?

Milan Laser works on all skin types and hair colors. They ensure treatments are safe and work well for everyone.

How does Milan Laser ensure treatment safety?

Milan uses lasers approved by the FDA for safety. All treatments are done by well-trained medical staff.

What should I expect during a laser hair removal session at Milan Laser?

Your visit starts with a free consultation. Then, quick treatment sessions follow. There’s no downtime. You’ll get care instructions after.

How do Milan Laser’s treatments compare to other hair removal methods?

Unlike waxing or shaving, Milan Laser gives lasting results. They offer a lifetime guarantee with the Unlimited Package™. Their technology is top-tier.

Where can I find Milan Laser locations?

With over 260 locations in the U.S., finding Milan Laser is easy. This makes their services widely available.

Are there any current specials or discounts at Milan Laser?

Yes, Milan Laser has great deals and discounts monthly. Offers include 50% off on unlimited treatments. Plus, there’s a “Smooth Landing Bonus” with free treatments after your free consult.

What financing and payment plan options are available at Milan Laser?

Milan Laser has easy payment options. This includes no-interest plans and Milan Credit. They aim to make their services easy to get for many people.

What are some client testimonials for Milan Laser?

Many clients share their success stories with Milan Laser. They talk about getting the smooth skin they wanted and loving the service.

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