Full Body Laser Hair Removal
Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Explore the world of Full Body Laser Hair Removal for smooth, hair-free skin. Traditional hair removal methods come with downsides. But laser hair removal offers a better solution. It’s time-saving and costs less in the long run. With this method, you get long-lasting hair-free skin across all areas. Laser treatments mean no more dealing with the usual hair removal tasks. Say hello to a life without shaving or waxing hassles.

Key Takeaways

  • The Full-Body Starter Package is now only $849, saving you up to $1,435 with code MULTI15.
  • You get 8 treatments, covering every area that can be treated.
  • Enjoy lasting results, less upkeep, and fewer side effects.
  • Say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs for good.
  • FDA-approved for many areas including underarms, Brazilian, and more.

What is Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

Full Body Laser Hair Removal targets unwanted hair throughout many body areas. It’s a top way to get rid of hair long-term or even forever. With nearly 30 SEV locations across the US, finding a place for treatment is easy.

Complete Hair Removal Solution

You’ll need several sessions, usually every 4-8 weeks, and the total varies from 3-8. A session takes 10-80 minutes, depending on what parts you’re treating. A full body session lasts just over an hour, costing $500 to $580. It’s great for removing even fine hair towards the end of your treatments.

Treatment Areas

A full body laser hair removal session covers many areas. This includes your face, neck, chest, stomach, back, and more intimate areas like the Brazilian and buttocks. It even works on small spots like hands and toes. The FDA approves this method as a safe and effective way to remove body hair.

“The treatment interval varies depending on the location, with treatments typically repeated in four to eight weeks for areas with quick hair growth such as the upper lip or every 12 to 16 weeks for slow-growing areas like the back.”

The procedure may cause brief discomfort, redness, and swelling for a few hours. But, the real benefit of laser hair removal is its ability to reduce hair for a long time. You might need maintenance sessions to keep the results. It’s worth noting that it’s not safe for areas near the eyes due to a risk of severe eye injury.

Laser hair removal offers a professional way to meet your hair-free goals. It’s sought after by those desiring smooth and hairless skin uniformly.

Benefits of Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full Body Laser Hair Removal has many benefits that can improve your grooming habits and skin. These benefits include a decrease in hair over time and better skin quality. Let’s dive into the great things you can expect from this high-tech hair removal method.

Long-Term Hair Reduction

One of the biggest perks of Full Body Laser Hair Removal is its long-lasting results. It’s different from shaving, waxing, or using epilators because it focuses on the hair roots for a more lasting effect. Often, most people see permanent hair loss after 3 to 7 treatments. This means you won’t have to remove hair as often.

This efficient hair removal method cuts down on how much time you spend removing hair. It makes your life easier by saving you from frequent hair removal tasks.

Time and Cost Effective

Full Body Laser Hair Removal scores high on saving both time and money. Even though it costs $389 a session on average, it is still cheaper than the ongoing costs of razors, waxes, or creams over your lifetime. Plus, treatments are quick, lasting about 15 minutes for smaller areas like your lip, underarms, and bikini line. This means you spend less money and time on hair removal in the long run.

Improved Skin Health

This efficient hair removal method also means better skin benefits. Old-school hair removal methods can cause ingrown hairs, redness, and skin issues. Laser treatments help stop ingrown hairs and lessen skin irritation such as razor burn. This leads to softer, healthier-looking skin. Its preciseness helps avoid damaging the skin around the hair, ensuring your skin stays in top shape.

Try Full Body Laser Hair Removal for an easy, perfectly smooth skin experience. Enjoy the long-lasting results and skin benefits with this modern hair removal approach. It’s the best way to keep a sleek and well-groomed appearance easily.

How Full Body Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal for the whole body is simpler than it sounds. It uses laser technology to pinpoint the color in hair roots, making it hard for hair to grow back. Sk:n clinics have safely done over 1 million of these. They are experts at it.

The Science Behind the Procedure

This procedure shines because it targets melanin in the hair but doesn’t hurt the skin. It’s a skin-safe procedure that’s precise and gentle on the skin around the hair. It works on many body parts and skin types, from the face to the bikini line.

Targeting Hair Follicles

This treatment is great because it carefully chooses which hair follicles to hit. You’ll feel little to no pain, and it gets rid of hair smoothly. After treatment, it takes a bit for hair to fall out. Usually, you need 6 to 8 visits every 4 to 6 weeks for the best look.

Minimal Side Effects

Laser hair removal is mostly worry-free with few bad reactions. The most you might get is a bit of redness, swelling, or itchiness. These usually go away quickly. Choosing skilled people and doing what they say before and after helps avoid problems.

Comparing Full Body Laser Hair Removal to Traditional Methods

When looking at hair removal options, it’s key to balance the pros and cons of each. Full Body Laser Hair Removal is a standout choice. It offers big benefits over traditional methods like shaving, waxing, and creams.

Laser vs. Shaving

Shaving is common but has drawbacks like quick regrowth and skin problems. Issues include razor burns and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, gives longer-lasting results and reduce hair regrowth.

Laser vs. Waxing

Waxing lasts longer than shaving but is much more painful. It also requires ongoing treatments that add up in cost and time. Laser treatments target hair roots, offering a lasting, less painful choice for users.

Laser vs. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams dissolve hair but can irritate the skin. They don’t provide lasting results like laser treatments. Full Body Laser Hair Removal is safer for the skin. It gives a more permanent fix by aiming at hair roots.

Looking at costs, ease, and long-term effectiveness, Full Body Laser Hair Removal is the better option. Even though it’s pricier at the start, its benefits in comfort and lasting results are worth the investment.

Preparing for Your Full Body Laser Hair Removal Session

Getting ready properly is key for a good laser hair removal experience. Following the steps before your treatment makes sure your skin is set for the laser. It also cuts down on possible side effects.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

To start, let your hair grow for 4-6 weeks before your session. Stay out of the sun and away from tanning beds for four weeks to avoid harming your skin. It’s important to do a patch test 24 hours before to check for bad reactions. Don’t wax or pluck hair because that takes out the follicle, which the laser needs to target. Instead, shave the area 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Avoid exfoliating the treatment area 3-4 days before the session.
  • Refrain from consuming caffeine before the treatment to reduce skin sensitivity.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment.
  • Follow any additional practitioner advice to maintain a relaxed the state.

What to Expect During Your Session

Knowing what happens during the session can help reduce worry. A trained technician will walk you through each step. They will clean the area and use the laser safely. To help with comfort, they often use something called the Zimmer cooling system. This system helps lessen any discomfort. Always talk with your technician during the treatment. They’ll tell you what they’re doing and how to take care of the area after, ensuring the best results and a smooth recovery.

Cost and Packages for Full Body Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal pricing

Laser hair removal pricing is key when deciding on full body treatments. Prices change based on the treatment area size, hair thickness, and salon location.

Available Packages

Simplicity Laser has discount packages for various needs and budgets. For example, a one-year package offers eight treatments at a lower price. This is for those who want lasting results. Small areas like underarms may cost between $175 to $350 per session. But, large areas like the back could be over $600 each time. You’ll likely need four to six sessions for full hair removal.

Package Cost per Treatment Total Cost
1-Year Package (8 Treatments) $349 $2,792
Small Area Package $200 $1,200
Large Area Package $600 $3,600

Special Offers and Discounts

Simplicity Laser often has special deals. For a discount, use code MULTI15 when booking. Some deals even let you gift sessions you don’t use. This way, you always get good value.

Financing Options

Laser removal costs more than traditional methods. So, Simplicity Laser offers financing plans. These plans help clients pay monthly, making it more affordable. Also, some costs might be covered by flexible spending accounts.

Choosing the right package for your budget is easier when you know the costs. With long-term benefits like permanent hair reduction, it’s worth considering.

Why Choose Simplicity Laser?

Choosing Simplicity Laser for your laser hair removal means you’re choosing excellence. From your first step inside, we make your care and results our top priority. Our advanced laser equipment aims to give you the best pain-free results.

Expert Technicians

Our technicians at Simplicity Laser are highly skilled and licensed, making them some of the best in the field. They’re well-trained to provide safe and effective treatments. You’re in capable and knowledgeable hands throughout your laser hair removal journey.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We use the latest lasers like Candela Nd:Yag and Alexandrite for precise and effective treatments. These lasers ensure thorough coverage with minimal discomfort, feeling just like a rubber band snap. Our Zimmer system also provides cooling air for more comfort.

Comprehensive Care and Support

Simplicity Laser promises complete care from your first consultation to after your treatments. We’re transparent about pricing and offer complimentary consultations for any questions or worries. Each treatment plan is tailored to you for the best results.

Package Details Price
Full-Body Starter Package Includes 8 treatments on all treatable areas. Discounted up to $1,435 using code MULTI15 $849
4-Treatment Full Back Starter Up to 20% reduction in hair growth after 4 treatments $42.25 per treatment

Frequently Asked Questions about Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Thinking about full body laser hair removal brings up many common questions. I’ve put together some laser hair removal FAQs to help. They will clear up doubts and help you know what to expect.

Laser hair removal destroys hair roots with laser pulses. It started in the mid-1990s and was deemed safe by 1997.

2. How many sessions will I need?

You may need six to twelve sessions, spaced four to eight weeks apart. The exact number can change depending on the part of the body.

3. Are there any side effects?

Some might see redness, itching, and swelling temporarily. Rarer effects are burns, infections, and changes in skin color.

4. Is laser hair removal suitable for all skin types?

It works well on all body parts except eyelids. People with light skin and dark hair often get the best results.

5. What is the cost of laser hair removal?

Costs depend on the body area and session number. The average is about $293 per session. Special deals, like LaserAll’s 65% off, can reduce it.

6. Is laser hair removal permanent?

It’s seen as permanent hair reduction. Some hairs can grow back. Most results last years, with touch-ups needed every 6-12 months.

7. At what age can you start laser hair removal?

Fourteen years old, after puberty, is suggested for starting laser hair removal.

8. Can I get laser hair removal if I’m pregnant?

It’s not advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Knowing these facts plays a big part in informed decision-making. Always talk to a professional to match treatments with your needs.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Our clients love the change they see with full body laser hair removal at Simplicity Laser. They talk about not just the results but the amazing journey to smooth, hair-free skin. It’s a path to confidence and comfort in their own skin.

Client Experiences

Our customers are very happy with their laser hair removal. One saw great hair reduction after just two sessions. The underarm procedure took about 5 minutes, and the lower legs took around 40 minutes. Usually, it takes about 1.5 hours for a session and seven sessions in total.

Another client saw some hair grow back thicker on their underarms and legs later. Yet, they still felt the treatment improved their skin a lot. They appreciated the long-term positive change.

Real Results

Authentic testimonials from our clients, like Friend #2, are very inspiring. They enjoyed six sessions of full Brazilian laser hair removal. Afterward, hardly any hair grew back. It got fine and almost invisible. Our clients feel more confident and happy with how their skin looks.

People love our 20% discount on packages, too. They also rave about our team’s knowledge and professionalism. The Diolaze XL system works on all skin types. It usually gets rid of 90%-95% of hair in 4-6 sessions. Clients also report shaving less, about once every three weeks, after treatment.

Many find our services both affordable and effective. That’s why they tell their friends and family about us. The constant 5-star reviews and heartfelt thank you’s we receive show how life-changing these treatments can be.


Full Body Laser Hair Removal is a powerful choice for a hair-free lifestyle. It promises long-term hair reduction. It works on almost every body part, better than old methods.

This laser method is safe and works for many skin types and hair colors. It offers smooth skin that looks and feels great.

Laser hair removal saves money in the long run. No more spending on razors, creams, or waxing. The Med Spa in Lorton, VA, has a great deal: Buy 5 Get 1 Free. Getting ready for treatment is easy and the care afterwards helps you recover smoothly.

Choosing this at Simplicity Laser means you get great service and technology. It boosts confidence with lasting smooth skin. Laser hair removal is worth it for its many benefits. It’s a step toward feeling great about your skin.


What is Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

Full Body Laser Hair Removal gets rid of unwanted hair all over. This includes the face, neck, chest, stomach, back, Brazilian, buttocks, legs, arms, and even small areas like hands and toes. It takes 8 sessions for smooth, long-lasting results.

How does Full Body Laser Hair Removal work?

This method uses light beams to target the melanin in hair follicles. This stops the hair from growing. It’s a way to reduce hair growth without harming the skin around it.

What are the benefits of Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

The perks include needing less maintenance over time and saving on the costs and time of shaving or waxing. It also leads to better skin health by reducing ingrown hairs and irritation.

How do I prepare for my Full Body Illegal Hair Removal session?

Get ready by staying out of the sun, not waxing or plucking, and shaving the areas to be treated. These actions help make the treatment both effective and comfortable.

Are there any side effects from Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

The side effects are minor because the laser precisely targets only hair follicles. You might see some redness or feel irritation, but it goes away quickly.

How does Full Body Laser Hair Removal compare to traditional methods like shaving and waxing?

Laser hair removal is more lasting than shaving and less painful than waxing. Unlike creams that can irritate, laser offers a reliable long-term solution.

What should I expect during a Full Body Laser Hair Removal session?

You’ll have a careful treatment with the Zimmer system for comfort. The technicians will walk you through the process and how to care for your skin afterward.

How much does Full Body Laser Hair Removal cost?

Prices change based on your package choice. Simplicity Laser gives a discount for a one-year, 8-treatment package. Use code MULTI15 for more savings. There are also various financing options.

Why should I choose Simplicity Laser for Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

Simplicity Laser stands out with expert technicians, top technology, and personalized care. They offer transparent pricing and cater to each client’s specific needs for a top-notch service.

Can I gift unused sessions from my package?

Yes, you can share unused sessions with family or friends. This lets them enjoy the benefits of Full Body Laser Hair Removal too.

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