Candela Laser Hair Removal
Candela Laser Hair Removal

Candela Laser Hair Removal

For over two decades, the Candela Gentle Pro Series has been the top choice in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Known for their accuracy and results, products like GentleYag Pro®, GentleLase Pro®, GentleMax Pro®, and GentleMax Pro Plus® use light pulses to destroy hair follicles and treat pigmented spots. The Dynamic Cooling Device™ keeps the skin safe and comfortable during the procedure.

The Gentle Pro Series by Candela is backed by approvals from the FDA, CE, and TGA. This ensures a safe and dependable option for beauty needs. With an award from The Aesthetics Awards as Manufacturer of the Year, Candela sets the bar high with cutting-edge laser technologies like the Candela GentleMax Pro for silky smooth skin and better skin health.

Key Takeaways

  • Over 20 years of successful results in laser hair removal and skin treatments.
  • 80% permanent hair reduction in only three treatments using Candela Laser Hair Removal systems.
  • Candela devices combine advanced technology with safety, exemplified by their Dynamic Cooling Device™.
  • FDA, CE, and TGA clearances affirm the safety and efficacy of Candela laser hair removal equipment.
  • Candela’s Gentle Pro Series includes GentleYag Pro®, GentleLase Pro®, GentleMax Pro®, and GentleMax Pro Plus®.

Understanding Candela Laser Hair Removal

Candela laser hair removal uses advanced technology. It directs intense light at hair follicles for lasting results. The system works for all skin types, making it very popular.

The technology features a cooling protection called the Dynamic Cooling Device™. It sprays a cool gas right before the laser hits. This protects the skin and reduces discomfort during the treatment.

The GentleLase Pro and GentleYag Pro are Candela’s leading systems. The GentleLase Pro targets lighter skin with a 755 nm wavelength. The GentleYag Pro is great for darker skin. These systems provide safe, effective treatment for everyone.

Over 300 studies back up Candela’s results. Candela’s reach across 86 countries shows its leadership in the field. Its technology ensures personalized and effective hair removal experiences.

Clinical studies say 4-6 sessions are needed for the best results. The mix of laser power and cooling makes Candela stand out. It gives safe, lasting hair removal.

Candela lasers also treat acne, wrinkles, and spots. It’s a top choice for those wanting professional hair removal. Candela is proven by research and trusted worldwide.

  1. Candela’s GentleLase Pro works at 755 nm for hair removal.
  2. The Dynamic Cooling Device enhances patient comfort.
  3. Results can last months or years, much longer than other methods.
  4. Candela’s technology is used in over 86 countries.

Candela keeps improving its laser hair removal technology. This means users get effective, safe, and comfortable treatments.

Hair Removal Method Duration of Results Average Cost Over Lifetime
Waxing 3-6 weeks $23,000
Plucking 3-8 weeks Variable
Hair Removal Creams 2 weeks Moderate
Laser Hair Removal Months to Years Cost-effective over time

Benefits of Candela Laser Hair Removal

Candela laser hair removal offers many advantages for those looking to remove unwanted hair permanently. It works well for various skin types, providing a great option for many people.

Long-lasting Results

Candela laser hair removal is known for its lasting results. Most clients see up to 80% of hair gone permanently after three sessions. This means you save time and money compared to shaving, plucking, or waxing.

  • Shaving: Results last about one to three days, causing razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Plucking: Results last three to eight weeks.
  • Hot Waxing: Results last about three to six weeks.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Candela’s advanced technology is safe for all skin types. Its GentleMax Pro uses dual wavelengths to effectively treat various hair and skin tones. It is especially good for darker skin types, avoiding damage while penetrating deeply.

Reduced Skin Irritation

Traditional hair removal methods often irritate the skin. Shaving can cause razor bumps; waxing can be painful and harsh. Candela laser hair removal lessens these issues with advanced cooling technology.

Its Dynamic Cooling Device™ makes the process gentler and more enjoyable. It targets hair follicles precisely, reducing the chances of side effects seen with other methods.

  1. IPL hand-held devices: Often cause mild redness and are pricey for home use.
  2. Electrolysis: Permanent but costly and time-consuming, treating each hair follicle individually.

How Candela Laser Technology Works

Candela laser technology is changing laser hair removal. It uses advanced systems that are both effective and comfy. This technology works well for every skin type, making the experience safe, exact, and comfy.

Selective Photothermolysis

Selective photothermolysis is at the heart of Candela’s success. It applies light energy to get rid of hair follicles but keeps the top skin layer safe. By aiming the laser at the hair follicle’s pigment, the skin around it stays safe. This careful way ensures the treatment is both effective and comfy with hardly any discomfort.

Dynamic Cooling Device™

The tech also uses the Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD) for better skin protection. This device sprays a cool burst before each laser pulse. It reduces the pain so it feels like a quick, gentle snap. This cooling helps keep the treatment comfy and lets the device use higher energy safely for better results.

Treatment Process and Expectations

Everyone’s path through the GentleMax Pro treatment is different. Yet, knowing what usually happens can help with getting ready. It makes sure you have the best experience possible.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Getting ready before your laser treatment is important. It’s best to not pluck or wax the area you want treated. Make sure your skin is shaved and clean. This prep lets the Candela GentleMax Pro work best by aiming at the hair roots.

During the Session

A session with the Candela laser can take 15 to 30 minutes. It depends on how big the area is and your specific needs. There’s a cooling system to make it comfortable. If you feel slight discomfort, a skin-numbing cream can help. Most patients find the Candela system’s approach suits various skin and hair types well.

Post-Treatment Tags

Caring for your skin after treatment is key for great results. Use a cool compress or gel right after to lessen redness or swelling. These usually go away in a few hours. Make sure to follow care tips like staying out of the sun, using sunscreen every day, and not plucking or waxing. This helps your skin heal well and avoids issues.

Session Duration Comfort Enhancements Post-Treatment Care
15-30 Minutes Dynamic Cooling Device™, Topical Anesthetic Cool Compress, Sunscreen, Avoid Plucking/Waxing

Candela GentleMax Pro® Series

The Candela GentleMax Pro® Series creates a high standard for laser technologies. It uses dual wavelength lasers for many skin concerns. These include hair removal, wrinkle reduction, and treating spider veins.

This system is great for all skin types, from very light to very dark. This inclusivity allows more patients to benefit. Its quick treatments also make the process more efficient for everyone.

For lighter hair, the Alexandrite laser is very effective. Besides, the Nd:YAG laser takes care of thicker, darker hairs. Together, they provide a solution for different hair and skin types.

But the GentleMax Pro does more than remove hair. It’s also great for reducing facial redness and treating broken blood vessels. Plus, it offers skin tightening without needing downtime.

About cost, the GentleMax Pro used to be $50,000.00 but is now $39,995.00. This price change makes it a good investment for those looking to enhance their practice.

Treatment Applications Wavelength Target Area
Hair Removal 755 nm / 1064 nm Face, Body, Bikini
Skin Tightening 755 nm / 1064 nm Face, Neck
Spider Veins 1064 nm Face, Legs
Facial Redness 1064 nm Face

The GentleMax Pro combines the GentleLASE and GentleYAG, making it a powerful choice. It’s best to consult with a professional to get the right treatment. This ensures the best results from this advanced system.

Common Treatment Areas

laser hair removal treatment

Candela lasers tackle unwanted hair areas like the face, neck, legs, arms, bikini line, and underarms effectively. These parts are often exposed and react sensitively to regular hair removal ways.

Face and Neck

The Candela GentleLase Pro makes removing facial hair easy. It works well on the upper lip, chin, and sideburns. This laser hits the hair roots, offering smoothness that lasts. Most people need 4 to 7 treatments to get the best results.

Legs and Arms

Leg laser treatments are widely chosen for their lasting answer to shaving or waxing. The GentleLase Pro lowers hair growth by 80-90% after a few treatments. Arms get similar benefits, making hair less bothersome. The treatments are spread 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Bikini and Underarms

Candela lasers work wonders for smoother underarms and bikini lines. Treating underarms is quick, often taking just minutes. The bikini area needs a bit more care, but both see long-term results. Most see thin hairs reappear, signaling it’s time for the next treatment.

Here’s a quick look at the usual treatment areas and how many sessions they might need:

Area Common Sessions Required Additional Notes
Face and Neck 4-7 Best for upper lip, chin, sideburns
Legs 4-8 80-90% hair growth reduction
Arms 4-7 Convenient and effective
Bikini Area 4-7 Precision required
Underarms 3-7 Quick sessions

The Candela GentleLase Pro is a flexible and efficient option for different treatment areas. It promises lasting silkiness. People opt for it for facial hair, leg laser treatments, or underarm hair reduction. Everyone can look forward to less hair and more confidence.

Comparison with Other Hair Removal Methods

Choosing the best hair removal method can be tricky with so many options. Let’s compare Candela laser hair removal to shaving and waxing. Candela offers benefits these older methods can’t match.

Shaving vs. Candela

Shaving is quick but has downsides. It only keeps skin smooth for a few days. Also, it often causes skin issues.

But Candela laser hair removal lasts longer and is kinder to your skin. It targets hairs directly, reducing irritation and preventing ingrown hairs. The Alexandrite laser works fast on large areas.

The Nd:YAG laser is safe for all skin colors. It’s a good choice for dark skin, which is more prone to problems from shaving.

Waxing vs. Candela

Waxing’s effects can last up to six weeks, longer than shaving. Yet, it’s painful and can damage sensitive skin.

Candela is more comfortable and gives long-term results. It needs fewer sessions than other lasers. Its cooling feature adds comfort during treatment.

The Candela GentleMax Pro® is advanced and comfortable. It has rapid repetition and short recovery times. This makes Candela better than waxing.

To sum it up, Candela laser treatments offer effectiveness and comfort. They give lasting results without the drawbacks of shaving or waxing. Knowing these differences helps make a better choice for hair removal.

Safety and Side Effects

Laser hair removal is safe but it’s important to know about possible side effects. Candela medical follows strict safety rules. This gives clients peace of mind during treatment.

FDA Cleared Technology

The Gentle Pro Series by Candela is FDA-cleared. It meets high safety standards. The equipment is safe and effective, backed by clinical research. This makes the risk during treatment very low.

Potential Side Effects

Most people handle laser hair removal well. Still, there are some minor side effects to know about:

  • Redness and irritation, often resolving within a few hours
  • Skin crusting, which can be prevented with proper care
  • Temporary changes in skin pigmentation, which typically fade over time
  • Follicular swelling and slight itchiness, subsiding quickly post-treatment

Severe side effects are uncommon. Trained professionals ensure this. Rare issues include burns, blisters, and scars. Also, protecting eyes during the treatment is very important to avoid injury. Candela puts client safety first.

Laser hair removal is usually not advised during pregnancy. The safety for pregnant women isn’t fully studied yet. But, the procedure is safe for most looking for a lasting solution to unwanted hair.

Several treatments are often required for the best results. Candela’s focus on safety and medical assurance is key. This ensures clients get safe and effective treatment.

Side Effect Description Likelihood
Redness & Irritation Common and usually resolves within a few hours High
Skin Crusting Preventable with proper post-treatment care Moderate
Changes in Pigmentation Temporary and fades over time Moderate
Severe Side Effects (Burns, Blists, Scars) Rare and associated with incorrect procedures Low

Cost and Time Considerations

Investing in Candela laser hair removal saves a lot of money over time. It is more efficient than shaving or waxing. The starting cost is higher, but you don’t need many sessions. The aesthetic lasers market is growing fast. In 2018, it was worth $798.4 million. By 2026, it will likely reach $1.93 billion. This shows how popular and demanded these treatments are.

Cost Efficiency

Laser technology, like Candela, is a smart long-term financial choice. The cost of laser devices depends on their quality and support. Clinics often see over 95% hair removal after just eight treatments. This means you save money by needing fewer sessions. If some need more treatments, our clinic helps by offering a financial subsidy. This makes extra sessions affordable.

Time Efficiency

Candela laser hair removal also saves you time. You only need eight treatments, spaced a few weeks apart. Most people get permanent results, cutting down on their overall time commitment. The PicoWay system works faster and is safer for all skin types.

Choosing Candela means picking quality. Their 755nm GentleLase provides reliable and effective treatment. This choice helps clinics grow and improves service quality. It also gives customers a cost-effective and fast way to remove unwanted hair.


What makes the Candela Gentle Pro Series a standout choice for laser hair removal?

The Candela Gentle Pro Series has advanced technology. This includes the GentleYag Pro®, GentleLase Pro®, and more. It treats various skin concerns with cooling and precise light. This makes it a favorite among doctors and patients.

How does Candela’s laser hair removal technology work?

Candela targets hair with intense light to destroy follicles while protecting the skin. A cooling device also helps keep the skin safe and comfortable.

What are the key benefits of Candela laser hair removal?

Benefits include up to 80% hair reduction after three sessions. It’s good for all skin types. The cooling device also reduces skin irritation.

Can you explain the principle of selective photothermolysis used in Candela lasers?

Selective photothermolysis targets hair follicles with light, without harming surrounding skin. This method is effective and minimizes discomfort.

What should I expect during a Candela laser treatment session?

Sessions last 15 to 30 minutes. You should not pluck or wax, and shave the area instead. You might feel some discomfort.A cooling anesthetic can help. Use a cool pack for any redness after.

What is unique about the Candela GentleMax Pro® Series?

The GentleMax Pro® Series uses two wavelengths. It’s used for hair removal and skin treatments. It can reduce wrinkles, veins, and redness.

Which areas are commonly treated with Candela lasers?

Common areas include the face, legs, arms, bikini line, and underarms. These treatments give smooth results compared to other methods.

How does Candela laser hair removal compare to shaving?

Shaving gives short-term results and can irritate. Candela offers lasting results with less discomfort and fewer side effects.

How does Candela laser hair removal contrast with waxing?

Waxing can hurt and harm skin; Candela is more gentle. It gives longer results and less irritation.

Is Candela’s laser technology safe?

Yes, the FDA cleared Candela’s technology, so it meets safety standards. Side effects like redness are minor and brief.

How cost-efficient is Candela laser hair removal compared to other methods?

Though more expensive upfront, Candela saves money over time. It lowers the ongoing costs of shaving or waxing.

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